Monday, March 18, 2013

Slimbook: Protect your iPad Mini in Style

A high quality case for your iPad Mini is a must-have. The difficulty is finding a case that won't add bulk to your light and slim Mini. A lot of leather iPad cases leave your device looking like it has been wrapped-up in a saddle bag. Not true of Poetic's Slimbook.

The Slimbook is made from a supple faux leather material with stitched lines. Inside you will find an internal flap that keeps your device secure and dedicated cutouts for the various iPad components to insure a snug fit.

The top flap (interior side) of the Slimbook has several dedicated pockets that can be used for small essential items. When flipped back the front cover has an elastic handle that can be slipped over your hand to keep your device firmly fastened. In those rare moments of clumsiness an elastic handle might be all that stands between you and oops...disaster!

For the times you want to set your iPad Mini down on a stable surface the Slimbook has multiple stand angles. The horizontal viewing angle, accessible by flipping the front flap back and inserting it into the back notched flap on the rear of the case, gives you a worry-free, hands-free angle to sit back and enjoy. And the dedicated typing angle provides a simple work station solution.

The Slimbook offers you all the functionality you could ask for with none of the bulk. It is a second skin for your device--a durable, protective and classy looking second skin.

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