Monday, March 18, 2013

Slimbook: Protect your iPad Mini in Style

A high quality case for your iPad Mini is a must-have. The difficulty is finding a case that won't add bulk to your light and slim Mini. A lot of leather iPad cases leave your device looking like it has been wrapped-up in a saddle bag. Not true of Poetic's Slimbook.

The Slimbook is made from a supple faux leather material with stitched lines. Inside you will find an internal flap that keeps your device secure and dedicated cutouts for the various iPad components to insure a snug fit.

The top flap (interior side) of the Slimbook has several dedicated pockets that can be used for small essential items. When flipped back the front cover has an elastic handle that can be slipped over your hand to keep your device firmly fastened. In those rare moments of clumsiness an elastic handle might be all that stands between you and oops...disaster!

For the times you want to set your iPad Mini down on a stable surface the Slimbook has multiple stand angles. The horizontal viewing angle, accessible by flipping the front flap back and inserting it into the back notched flap on the rear of the case, gives you a worry-free, hands-free angle to sit back and enjoy. And the dedicated typing angle provides a simple work station solution.

The Slimbook offers you all the functionality you could ask for with none of the bulk. It is a second skin for your device--a durable, protective and classy looking second skin.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

You Say You Want a Revolution?

The Revolution is here. And it is strong.

With a revolving built-in stand and secure shell The Revolution stands apart from the multitude of Nexus 7 cases. It comes with premiere scratch and impact protection for the body of your Google Nexus 7 and for the screen thanks to a built in touch sensitive, water resistant guard. The days of clunky external screen protectors are in the past.

The shell of The Revolution is made from a polycarbonate plastic and silicon that is durable and easy to grip; materials designed to absorb the wear and tear of daily use. Drops and scratches are every tablet/smart phone owners fear, however, it is often dust and dirt that do the most damage. The Revolution will help you keep your device safe and clean. 

On the back of The Revolution you will find a loop hole perfect attaching a carabiner. You can use this unique feature to increase the security of your device. Imagine a thief's surprise to find your device still attached to the bag he/she is trying to snatch it from.

And your viewing options are vast. You can use The Revolution in portrait stand mode and horizontal typing mode among others. It is a veritable Swiss Army Knife of viewing.

You have a lot of great options for cases; foldable smart cover cases, minimal flap cases and the list goes on. But, with The Revolution you'll get the best collection of features available; well-built, sturdy, diverse viewing options and style.

Join The Revolution.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Be Productive: iPad Cases with Built-In Keyboards

Touch screen technology is fantastic, tap, slide, easy right? Unless of course you need to type out a lengthy email or work remotely using only your tablet in which case the touch screen becomes a liability. Lugging around an external keyboard isn’t ideal either. Luckily we now offer iPad cases with built-in keyboards! Check out the KeyBook for the new iPad 3. Its removable Bluetooth keyboard fits snuggly into a slim grain-like cover, it features rubberized spill proof keys that also protect the screen from unwanted scratches. The KeyBook is available in red, white, brown and black. If you are a tablet multi-tasker this cover /case should be at the top of your list.

iPad Mini users need not feel left out, there is KeyBook option for the little guys too! Made from the same sturdy and protective material it fits perfectly with your device and offers an adjustable stand to prop up your mini and work in landscape mode.

A lot of people buy their first tablet thinking it will be a portable media device and nothing more. Then they get addicted and integrate more and more of their tech use onto the device. If the time has come for you to do serious work or even whimsical typing of thoughts the KeyBook tablet cover is the perfect way to take your device to the next level.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Merry Christmas Google Nexus Users!

iPad has its defenders and its detractors too. Those that fall on the anti-Apple side of the fence often go with the Google Nexus as their tablet of choice. Fortunately last minute gifts for Google Nexus users are easy to check off your list thanks to a diverse set of Android tablet covers and cases designed for both functionality and personality.

For those who want to convey a chic professional image the SlimBook is a wonderful choice.  With sleek, elegant material throughout, it is one of the most lightweight Google Nexus cases you can find. It’s durable and protective, and so slim it maintains the exact form of the Google Nexus tablet. It can fold horizontally for increased functionality in landscape mode.

The KeyBook is one of the most revolutionary cases you can find. It is made from a durable grain like material and has an adjustable stand for use in landscape mode. It is the ideal choice for people who prefer the standard style keyboard when typing. It has a removable Bluetooth keyboard that integrates seamlessly with tablets and other Bluetooth enabled devices. The keyboard’s rubberized keys are spill-resistant and also protect the tablet’s screen from scratches whenever the device is closed. 

The best choice for travelers, the rough and the clumsy is the highly durable HardBack case. It is a protective standout among Android cases thanks to an ultra thin, hard plastic tray that
that protects the back of the tablet from shock and scratches. In addition its innovative flip-out spin design provides multiple viewing positions for use when the tablet is in landscape mode.

The BaseBook is a simple, yet diverse choice. Available in vibrant purple or black, this is one of the great Android cases because it can be professional or fun. It has a faux leather exterior and the front cover folds into a self-made stand for use and viewing in landscape mode.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Reviews4i discusses our Atmosphere iPhone 5 Case

They like us! They really like us! Click the link below to read the fantastic review we received from Reviews4i. They raved about the durability, design and portability of our Atmosphere iPhone 5 Case. "You will be hard pressed to find another case that looks this good, is this affordable and still manages to protect your phone..."

Beyond the Case: More Ways to Protect Your Tablet

You’ve picked out the perfect case/cover for your iPad or competitor tablet. It’s bulletproof now right? Well, not quite. There are still a few practical things you need to do to ensure that your device has a long shelf life and maintains the highest resale value possible.

The iPad comes with a fairly hefty price tag, so obviously you want to do everything possible to keep it in prime condition. A good case or cover is the first step. Beyond that you want to be sure to keep your tablet away from liquids. Even the best cases and covers are powerless against a mug of hot coffee or a glass of water. There are products on the market that can protect against fluids, but nothing that is 100% water proof. And if water gets into the internal components it can and probably will spell a quick death for your device.

Travelers. Picking up a hard shell tablet case was an excellent choice. But, don’t go tossing your device around like a Frisbee just because it’s covered. A lot of jostling and resettling takes place when you travel. Make sure there is plenty of extra padding around your device just to be safe. A t-shirt or sweater will always come out unscathed so use them to your advantage.

And last but not least—insure your tablet. iPad users can obtain insurance directly through Apple or through third-party providers. This final step may not be necessary for everyone, but if you’re often on the move or have a history of bad luck with electronics it’s the smart choice.

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Android + Case = Perfect

Why stop with a new Android tablet when you can have an Android and a stylish, durable case/cover? Your sweet new Nexus 6 or other Android needs a unique cover to keep it looking new and to make a personal statement. And not just any cover or case will do. You need the best. And Poetic has what you need; Asus Transformer cases, Google Nexus cases and others that will perfect your tablet.

The HardBack is a great example. This cover is one of the most durable tablet cases on the market. It’s made with a rigid plastic tray that encloses the back of your device for maximum protection. It also features an innovative flip out feature that allows for multiple viewing positions. The HardBack also has a soft interior to protect against scratches.

If that isn’t to your liking the Revolution is a great choice among the Google Nexus cases. Its state-of-the-art stand provides a wide-range of display options. And it is one of the premier protection with style tablet cases out there.

For those of you in the market for Asus Transformer Prime accessories there are an array of options that offer protection and enhanced style. The DuraBook offers a classy take on color—available in purple or white, both the interior and exterior of this case is made of faux leather with refined texturing.

Another favorite among
 Asus Transformer cases is the StrapBack. In attention grabbing pink, this case has a convenient integrated hand strap for toting when you’re on the go, and a solid design that protects both the screen and the back of the tablet. 

No matter which Android tablet covers and cases you choose, don’t forget to get a screen protector! Scratches on your screen are the worst eye-sore your tablet can have. Choose from the many anti-glare and ultra-clear options to prevent scratches.